Monday, 21 May 2007

Inspirations from your International Personal Consultant: Part 1 of 5

Do you know your style? ….If not join the millions of people around the world that are struggling with the same. The question that sticks to my mind is, “Are we spending too much time in Fashion and not enough in Style?”

My answer is yes. Many people have become celebrity and status quo focused that they forget what makes them shine everyday. You! Society seems to have us so wrapped up in what we should strive to have and not appreciate what you already have. We are centered on being socially in fashion when it is just not really you: Causing consumers to spend more and more, creating higher debts, and more dissatisfied customers due to impulsive buys.

Have you looked in your closet lately? Is it filled with last year’s fashions that constantly have you stating my all time favorite, “I have nothing to wear”; and you find yourself spending more and more money to catch up with what is hott today? Then, you my dear are a victim of Fashion. As I read fashion magazines, watch the latest fashion week or the hottest trend review, I see celebrities with the latest Hermes red satchel bag or the latest skinny jean and long shirt. Then as I walk the streets of London, I see mainstream consumers, mainly women, dressing in these same fashions, yet not so appealing. Not because they are not beautiful, but because they are trying to adapt to one person’s fashion and not their own style. So whose styles are these? Many say they are the thing of the future, others say it is a way for designers and retailers to make more money, but really is a way to see how far society will go to portray an image of a socially acceptable status. Are we trying to be someone we are not? Are we buying for who we are or who we wish to be? This is a great study that so many great scholars research every day.

What is fashion? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is a trend or a fad. I say, the hottest item in season or the look everyone must have.

What is style? According to the same it is chic, flair, comfort, tailor or how about the distinctive manner of a person. I say, it is creating your own fashion, knowing your personal image or your very own personal brand. It is classic, it is urban, it is a mixture and for some it is trend. Style is what fits you the best.

Do you look and feel your best, each day as you make a step into the world? Do people stand at attention when you walk down the street? Do you feel as if you own the world and no one can tell you that you don’t look fly today? Than my dear, this is personal style. Don’t put on something that doesn’t make you feel like two million!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many days, I should have left that shirt in the closet or paired that belt with another pair of pants or really shouldn’t have been caught going to my funeral in those low rise jeans and high rise undies. But most days I strive to look and feel my best. I wear the colors that fit my skin tone in the proper season. I wear the clothes that are appropriate for my frame and I dress according to the activities of the day (this prevents the dogs from barking at the end of the day. Yes, Divas must always have on the fly footwear…okay!).

Do you know your body type? What fits you best and makes you look thinner, fuller or taller? Do you know your color palette, in essence which colors make you pop and which make you look as though you visited too many late night happening spots the night before? Do you know how to wear the things in your closet and still be in this season’s fashions without buying a new wardrobe twice a year? If you can not answer these questions, then you are in need of an image makeover, in order to enhance your style for a better you outside; which makes you feel like a better you inside.

Don’t get caught in the hype, know how to look your best on a budget and without going in debt. Know how to wear your 80’s cargo (utility) pants with this year’s trendy platform heels. Know, what ever makes you look and feel your best is your Style for this Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter season.

Take a walk on your own personal catwalk and show the world, I am on top, I am in power, and I shine!



Dan Schawbel said...

I think fashion or style is one critical piece of your entire Personal Brand.

1) Appearance --> style, fashion, look, appeal

2) Personality

3) Competencies

4) Differentiation

Anonymous said...

I like your comments on this topic. Makes me think more about my own personal brand.

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, it made me start to question the personal brand that I have or don't have... Thanks for the insight and information.